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We are OPEN for Family, Friends, and Tours!

Azura Friends and Family Welcome Back!!!

We are excited to announce that ALL of our Azura Assisted Living and Memory Care communities are now welcoming visits from family and friends.  Plus we are open to provide in-person tours of our homes to those looking for assistance with admission.

Safety for all remains at a top priority for our Azura family and we will continue to adhere to the guidelines set forth by the Centers of Disease Control and the State of Wisconsin Department of Health Services.  Azura is proud to serve 14 communities in Wisconsin and will also adhere to any county protocols put in place.

At this time, all visitors will be required to wear masks and meet the safety protocols and temperature checks prior to gaining access to our homes.  We ask that when visiting our Azura homes you do so in good health and adhering to the safety measures put in place, so that we can continue to allow these visits to occur.

Visits will take place in the resident’s suite or an area designated by each home and should be limited to two visitors at a time.  No food or beverage should be consumed during the visit, but can be brought for the resident to enjoy after.

Azura will also continue to use our INNOVATIVE Facetime, SKYPE, and ZOOM programs to ensure family and friends who are unable to join us in person continue to stay connected.

Here are some tips for your first visit:

  1. Smile, even if it is with just your eyes – no matter what has happened over the last year, your loved one NEEDS your smile.  Your approach, demeanor and communication sets to the tone of your interaction.  You may be sad by what has happened, but be glad that NOW you can reconnect.  Those with dementia can still recognize and will mirror our body language, tone and how we are feeling.
  2. Recognize and Accept Change – age and dementia is an ever progressing situation.  How Mom was 3 months ago, may not be exactly who she is now and that is not something any care provider can stop.  However, they can and should find ways to adapt and further support her in these changes, but you may need to as well.
  3. Bring a Readily Accessible Gift – while a big unveil might be fun, for many with dementia the surprise can be unsettling and their ability t unwrap or unbox may prohibit them from truly engaging in the actual item. As their disease progresses they need a more instant tactile or visual gift that they can engage with out having to cut through tape or undo ribbons.  This will also aid you in seeing their reaction to your gift and give you focus point for a shared experience. Old pictures and trinkets, blankets, clothing, etc. are all wonderful things to give.
  4. Watch Your Time – many people feel that because they have not seen their loved one that they need to stay a long time to reconnect.  However, long visits can be tiring for you and for them.  Work with our Azura Team to determine what a good timeframe would be and alert them to check back to see if you need assistance when leaving.  
  5. Be Safe – wearing a mask isn’t easy for anyone, but for the safety of our residents, Team and others that are now able to visit Azura, please do.  Our goal is to keep our doors open so visits can occur, but we need your help to make that happen.  Please wear your mask, while at Azura!

If you have any questions, regarding these visits please contact the Azura home directly.  A listing of our locations can be found by clicking here.



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