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Thank you Heroes of Today

Approximately one year ago, our Azura Assisted Living and Memory Care family was asked to shut our doors to all visitors due to COVID.  It was an incredibly hard request of us, our Team, our residents and especially their family and friends.  However, in order to keep those within our care protected it was something required for us and providers across the State.

On the first day the atmosphere in our homes was quieter.  We had no visitors and our Team Members were required to wear masks, which covered their nose, mouth and chin.  Residents wondered why and for those with memory loss, it was harder for them to understand what we were saying and to comprehend what might be happening.  However, using our MOSAIC philosophy our Team worked to communicate with each resident, personalizing their approach and using different techniques to reassure them that they were OK.

Routines were continued as before and engagements were tailored to be even more personalized and offered in small groups or one-on-one situations.  While our dining spaces were increased to aid in social distancing, our Team remained committed to our MOSAIC Dining protocol of sitting and being present with our residents during meals.  This aided in socialization and helped to develop relationships, which was one of the most beautiful things witnessed during the pandemic.

This past year, while our Team was donning masks and ensuring care, our residents began to connect more and more with each other and with them.  It was amazing to watch these friendships break the barriers of dementia and resound in the remaining abilities and emotions of the heart-brain. Residents remembered their new friends in ways that we had never witnessed before. Smiles rebounded, laughs were shared and a new family was born.

In addition, our EXCEPTIONAL Team found INNOVATIVE ways to bring joy to our residents through the use of music, food, exercise, games, photos, SKYPE calls, window visits, and making #MOSAICMoments of joy!

These EXCEPTIONAL caregivers, cooks, housekeepers, maintenance technicians and others may not have donned capes, but they did don kindness and compassion every shift.  They also shared their shield of expertise and commitment to ensuring that every resident received the highest quality of care and was engaged in the highest quality of life!

Below is a special tribute video featuring the song Thank You (Heroes of Today) sung by Dana Winner and written by Hans Lambrecht, Dana Winner, and Jurian Mooren, which speaks directly to how much we appreciate our Team! With permission we are able to share these sentiments and our EXCEPTIONAL Team with all of you! Please join us in thanking our Team and ALL of the Healthcare Heroes of the World by sharing this video and leaving a comment! #azuraliving

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