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Bunny Curry, Regional Nurse

Bunny Curry hBunny Curry (2)as worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant, then as a Licensed Practical Nurse and a Registered Nurse with a position in Neuro-Peds-Trauma and NIC unit for many years.

Bunny first became associated with Azura when she had a family member living at Azura Memory Care.  Shortly thereafter, Bunny became a permanent member of the Azura family of care when she joined as the Nurse for the home.  10 years later she is still enhancing the care of the home, residents and Team!

“After seeing first hand the care that the residents were given, I decided I wanted to be a part of this exceptional team,” explained Bunny.  “This has never felt like a ‘job’ to me. I always look forward to coming and seeing what each day brings. I like that Azura is always looking for ways to improve the care of it’s resident’s, encouraging us to learn what is new and use it to hopefully change lives. I also love working with the residents and their families, helping them both through this journey and am hoping to continue to do this for many years to come!”

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Core Value Story: RESPECT

Bunny has a lot to do in the hours that she works for Azura, but manages to do more than what is expected of her. Bunny has always been respectful toward her fellow employees, even taking the time to adjust her schedule in order to accommodate for her full-time student co-workers. She always makes everyone feel appreciated by bringing in candy and homemade bread/muffins for the team to enjoy. She lends a helping hand to different projects and offers support to her fellow co-workers during trying times. Bunny shows her compassion to our residents and even brought in some items for two residents who do not have a lot and made their faces light up! Her team members share that she is always thinking of our residents and takes time out of her days off and holidays to be with them through the good and bad times.

All smiles at Azura Memory Care.

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