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MOSAICDreams2What would your best day be? It’s a simple question that we ask our residents at Azura Assisted Living and Memory Care, as part of our MOSAIC Dreams Therapy Program. MOSAIC Dreams by Azura seeks to make the dreams and special personalized moments of joy for our residents come true.

secondwinddreamsThanks to our partnership with Second Wind Dreams, we have been able to take a resident golfing, something he had given up because of his disease diagnosis. Then we learned that a resident had always wanted to graduate from college, so we threw her a graduation party complete with cap, gown and an honorary diploma from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Another resident yearned to go back to the County Fair for a corn dog and a beer. We may have supplemented the latter for a teddy bear, but regardless it made him smile!

Every smile and every dream realized is part of the MOSAIC of love and support we try to weave at Azura for our residents and their families. Below are a few of our favorite dreams come true!

Davey’s Horseback Riding Dream - Davey is at resident at Azura of Brookfield. Back in the day, Davey was an Indian Scout and spent a lot of his free time riding horses! If you ever are in Davey’s room, he has photos of horses everywhere! And so off we went to the Kettle Moraine forest to fulfill Davey’s best day […]
Don Takes Flight - Many years ago, Don bought a plane for his x-ray business since he was traveling all over the states. He went to Waukesha and took all the classes to become a pilot and he flew his plane frequently for his business. Don had many hours for a private pilot and has so many stories of […]
Ward’s UTV Dream - Ward is a resident at Azura of Oshkosh and was a member of a UTV club near his home. Riding in a UTV brings back so many memories and is one of ward’s favorite pastimes! Ward’s Azura family joined in for his special day, and even got to drive him around on the UTV! After […]
Franie’s Bicycle Dream - Franie is a resident at Azura of Fox Point and loves to be active! In the past, she used to participate in Tandem bike rides with her late husband, John. Julie, the bike pilot, is actually one of Franie’s family members and is trained to give rides through Wisconsin Bike Fed – a program of […]
Jerry’s Football Dedication Dream - Jerry Bonino, 83, has acquired a well decorated list of championship titles throughout his 31-year-long career as a football coach at Two Rivers High School from 1968-1994. With his talents he led his football team to become the first team to ever win three consecutive state championship titles in 1980-1982, in addition to his remaining […]
Frank’s Moose Lake Dream - Frank is a resident at Azura Memory Care in Oak Creek. He is very proud of the life he made for himself after being taken as a prisoner of war to Germany during World War II. Frank served in the German Air Force during the war and picked up on many German customs. Frank moved […]
Butch’s Boat Dream - For as long as they can remember, Butch and Marie’s favorite past time has been being on the water. With that, they owned every type of boat you could think of – speed boats, kayaks, row boats, pedal boats, pontoons, and even a big enough boat to sleep on! We set sail on Wednesday, July […]
Nonny’s Cafe & Library Dedication - When you walk into the café at Azura of Fox Point, you will notice the beautiful library with a plethora of books for everyone to enjoy. The Mulcahy family – Judy and Chas – generously donated their lifelong collection of books and as an appreciation for their generosity, the library was named “Nonny’s Café and […]
George’s PGA Dream - George Tomashot was an accustomed golfer prior to his stay at Azura Memory Care and has since then continued to express his love for the game. He knew all the golf statistics and continues to share that knowledge with his friends and family. Aside from his golf history, he served in the army and worked […]
Peggy’s Curtain Call Dream - Peggy is a resident at Azura of Fox Point. Peggy’s birthday is on June 13th , and her dream was to go to the Judy Garland show at the Milwaukee Rep Theater followed by dinner at her favorite restaurant, That’s Amore. The representatives from the Judy Garland show were kind enough to provide us with […]
Arline’s Tennis Dream - Arline is a resident at Azura of Brookfield. If you know Arline, you know that she is always on the move, especially when it comes to sports! We asked Arline’s daughter what her best day ever would be, and she said that if Arline would be able to play tennis again, it would be a […]
Burnelle’s Norwegian Heritage Dream - Burnelle’s dream is to explore her Norwegian heritage by attending the Westby Syttende Mai Festival. Burnelle and her husband used to attend this festival almost every year, it was a family tradition. This festival is about 3 hours from where Burnelle currently lives but it’s only around the corner from where she grew up. She […]
Marilyn’s Mariachi Dream - Marilyn is a resident at Azura of Fox Point. Before she came to Wisconsin, she lived in El Paso, Texas for over 50 years! Marilyn’s family told us that her best day ever would be to hear a live mariachi band again, as she use to listen to them frequently in El Paso! Voces de […]
Judy’s Bucks Grand Dancer Dream - Judy is a resident at Azura of Fox Point. For as long as anyone can remember, Judy has always been the biggest Bucks fan – and never misses a game! When Judy isn’t watching the Bucks game, you can find her out in our community room participating in exercise, crafts, and any other events our […]
Charlie’s Pipe Dream - Charlie is a resident at our Azura home in Eau Claire. Charlie is a retired Presbyterian minister, and absolutely loves the organ. In fact, he used to play himself! When we contacted his daughter and asked what Charlie’s best day would be, she said it would be for Charlie to attend a classical organ recital. […]
Clemie’s Horse Dream - Clemie, a resident at Azura of Oconomowoc, was able to have one of her dreams fulfilled as our partnership with Second Wind Dreams brought horses to her! Clemie grew up on a farm in Wisconsin and frequently talks about her horses. Thanks to the help of our community, Clemie’s dream became a reality!! Azura is […]
Sylvia’s Rock n’ Roll Dream - Sylvia is a resident at Azura Memory Care of Monroe. When we asked Sylvia what her best day would be, she stated she had always wanted to dance with Elvis Presley! Since we can’t get the real Elvis, we got the next best thing – an incredible impersonator by the name of Jonathon Lyons who […]
Elizabeth’s Choir Concert - Azura Memory Care resident, Elizabeth, joined the Oconomowoc Community Choir to sing with them during their “The Spirit of Christmas” concert thanks to our MOSAIC Dreams program and our partnership with Second Wind Dreams. Elizabeth has a long love for singing and has always wanted to sing in a choir. She also enjoys singing to […]
Kay’s Hawaiian Dream - Kay is a resident at Azura Memory Care of Monroe. Prior to her disease, Kay and her husband traveled all over the world. Their only regret is that they never made it to Hawaii. Kay always wanted to go to Hawaii but before her husband Marvin was able to take her there, she was unfortunately […]
Carol and Sherwin’s 56th Anniversary - Due to the pandemic they were not able to celebrate their anniversary. Sherwin used to visit and have dinner with Carole every night. This is something they missed with the visitor guidelines. We decided to throw them a surprise anniversary dinner. Accordion player, followed by their favorite dinner from a German Restaurant, in the sunroom transformed with German scenery. As […]
Joyce’s School Reunion - Joyce, a resident at Azura Memory Care of Stoughton, took a trip down memory lane and visited Levi Leonard Elementary School on Monday, Nov. 22nd where she worked as the Office Secretary for the Principal for over 27 years. She started at what was Evansville Elementary until the gas explosion when they built Levi Leonard […]
Amos and Ann’s Jewish Wedding - Azura Memory Care resident, Amos, had the opportunity to re-marry his wife of 54 years by a rabbi in a Synagogue like he has always wanted. Due to memory loss or not living under the same roof as his wife since moving into a memory care community, Amos didn’t feel like his wife and him […]
Henry Takes Flight - When Henry was asked what his best day would be, he wanted nothing more than to fly in a helicopter again, just like he did during his service. Henry is 96-years-old, but still remembers his war stories and loves to share them as he is very proud of his service. On Monday, September 6th, Henry […]
Jerry’s Car Show - Jerry Applegate has always loved classic cars. He even owned a 1950 Merc and a 1934 Coupe, and would often show his cars in car shows. When asked what his best day would be, attending a classic car show again was the first thing that came to mind. So, we got busy. The group Motor […]
Jerry’s Officiant Dream - When John Zey, Azura’s maintenance head, was deciding how he and his wife-to-be would get married, he thought of no better way to tie the knot than having the ceremony at Azura Memory Care in Eau Claire and turning Jerry Richards’ dream into reality. Jerry, a former professor, spent a lot of his free time […]
Rita’s Bowling Dream - Let the good times roll! Azura Memory Care resident, Rita, had the opportunity to bowl again thanks to our MOSAIC Dreams program and our partnership with Second Wind Dreams. When Rita was asked what her best day would be, she wanted nothing more than to bowl again in a league after being an avid bowler […]
Barb’s Harley Ride - Azura Assisted Living and Memory Care held a special MOSAIC Dream to help a resident with memory loss take a ride in a motorcycle! The community of Eau Claire, Wisconsin and local motorcycle enthusiasts came out to lend a hand and heart to help!        
Judge Debbie’s Dream - At Azura Assisted Living and Memory Care our exclusive MOSAIC Dreams program seeks to make our residents’ best days and dreams come true! Debbie’s dream was to be Judge Judy and our EXCEPTIONAL Oak Creek Team found away to make this wish a reality! They worked together to create a personalized script that incorporated all […]
Ride to Remember - Lyle was a bus driver for the Osseo-Fairchild School District for over 30 years and transporting the kids was his greatest joy!  It came as no surprise to learn that his MOSAIC Dream was to ride his route one last time, but he had to do it in a yellow school bus.  Hearing this our MOSAIC […]
70th Wedding Anniversary: Azura MOSAIC Dream - If you could have one thing, what would it be? For George, an Azura Memory Care of Oak Creek resident, it was to simply share a meal with his wife. Thanks to the Azura MOSAIC Dreams Program, George’s wish came true on Tuesday, January 14, which was also he and his wife’s 70th Wedding Anniversary! George and his […]
Music Fuels the Soul: Azura MOSAIC Dream - At Azura Memory Care the goal of our MOSAIC Dream’s program is to ensure that our residents get to experience their best day or at least an EXCEPTIONAL moment of joy!  In this case, our resident Joy’s love of music and live theatre allowed our MOSAIC Dreams program to provide her with the INNOVATIVE experience of attending […]
Experience Daughter’s Wedding: Azura MOSAIC Dream - Barbara’s and her family’s special wish was for her to be able to see her daughter in her wedding dress and experience this special time. Unfortunately, Barbara was unable to attend the official ceremony, so her family and the Azura MOSAIC Dreams Program worked together to plan a small wedding ceremony the following day at […]
Sunday at Snarley’s: Azura MOSAIC Dream - For Chris, a resident of our Azura Memory Care of Oak Creek home, his MOSAIC Dream day was to enjoy an afternoon at his local spot, Snarleyʼs Sports Bar and Restaurant in South Milwaukee.  He wished to watch the Packer’s game and enjoy time with friends and family. Thanks to Azura’s MOSAIC Dreams Squad and his […]
Forever a Cubs Fan: An Azura MOSAIC Dream - It is said that once a Cubs fan, always a Cubs fan and for Lorna, a resident of our Azura Memory Care of Kenosha home, this sentiment is definitely true!  In fact, Lorna loves the sport of baseball and grew up wanting to play in the Women’s League. Thanks to our MOSAIC Dreams program,  Lorna’s wish […]
Tractor Champion: An Azura MOSAIC Dream - Lynn’s special MOSAIC Dream was to win a Truck and Tractor Pull and thanks to the Waukesha County Fair and Midwest Tractor and Truck Puller’s Association, we were able to make this MOSAIC Dream a reality.  For two years our MOSAIC Dreams Program had tried to get Lynn to the Association’s annual Pull, but unfortunately the weather was […]
Take Flight: An Azura MOSAIC Dream - When someone earns their “wings” it is a moment they never forget and for Charlie, an Azura Memory Care of Beloit resident and retired pilot, it was a moment he desperately wanted to relive! Thanks to Azura’s MOSAIC Dreams program and Elevation Air, LLC, Charlie’s dream flight became a reality! Not only was he able […]
B-I-N-G-O: An Azura MOSAIC Dream - Who doesn’t love an EXCEPTIONAL game of B-I-N-G-O?   At Azura Memory Care this beloved game is played within our homes on a regular basis and we make sure that everybody wins!!  However, for a true BINGO aficionado this tame game play sometimes isn’t quite enough, so when Dorothy a resident of our Azura Memory Care of […]
Farm Heaven: An Azura MOSAIC Dream - What was Lori’s idea of the perfect day? Heading back to the farm and feeding calves! Thanks to the Azura MOSAIC Dreams Program and Soaring Eagle Dairy in Newton, WI, Lori was able to visit a local dairy farm and reminisce on special memories from her childhood. Lori was amazed by how much farming has changed and loved getting […]
Limo + Music = FUN: An Azura MOSAIC Dream - Music, dancing, and fun are three words that would describe Pamela’s perfect day. Pamela loved attending live rock concerts in the past and has always wanted to ride in a limo. The Azura MOSAIC Dreams Program and Azura of Oshkosh Team helped make Pamela’s dream day a reality by taking her to Shattuck Park in […]
Theater Bravo: Azura MOSAIC Dream - A lover of comedies, plays and musicals, Mary Lou’s special wish was to go to a live theater performance. Thanks to our Azura MOSAIC Dreams Program and our Azura of Clinton Team we were able to make Mary Lou’s dream day a reality at Beloit Civic Theatre’s presentation of “Sylvia” by A.R. Gurney. Mary Lou […]
Ice Skating Fun: Azura MOSAIC Dream - Marilyn, an Azura of Beloit resident, wished to go to an ice skating show, having grown up wanting to be an ice skater. For her dream day, Marilyn and her family were able to attend the Spring Ice Show at Carlson Ice Arena in Rockford, IL. The show’s theme was 50’s, 60’s and 70’s themed, […]
Go Bucky: Azura MOSAIC Dream - Azura Memory Care’s MOSAIC Dreams program helped “raise the roof” to make a resident’s wish to dance with Bucky Badger come true!  An avid Wisconsin sports fan, Dolly, a resident of our Eau Claire home, had always dreamed of cutting a rug with Bucky. Thanks to her family’s support and some toe tapping tunes Dolly […]
Remarry My Wife: Azura MOSAIC Dream - This simple wished sentiment by Frank Borg, a resident of our Azura Memory Care of Eau Claire family led our MOSAIC Dreams squad to jump into action to make it come true.  In a few short days, thanks to the support of the local community, Frank and his blushing bride Sue renewed their vows of […]
Back to the Classroom: Azura MOSAIC Dream - Eleanor, Azura of Sheboygan resident and retired elementary school teacher, had a wish to return to the classroom once more and be around children again. Thanks to the Azura MOSAIC Dreams Program and Grant Elementary School in Sheboygan, we were able to take her back to the school where she taught at during her career […]
Hair Happiness: Azura MOSAIC Dream - A day out at the salon and a lunch outing with family; a MOSAIC Dream come true!  An Azura resident, Elaine, had her dream day realized earlier this month thanks to the Azura MOSAIC Dreams Program and our Azura of Wausau Team. Elaine loved having her hair professionally done at a Salon, something she used […]
Azura Memory Care Clinton WI Wedding Day Reminisce: Azura MOSAIC Dream - It all starts with the question, “What would your best day be?” and for Azura of Clinton resident, Meda, it was to visit the church she was married in and enjoy some delicious ice cream with her family. The Azura MOSAIC Dreams Program was excited to help make Meda’s dream day a reality at St. […]
One More Moment on the Course: Azura MOSAIC Dream - Just one more moment out on the course; that was the MOSAIC Dream of Azura Memory Care of Oak Creek resident, Bob, and his family. Despite a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease, golfing has always been a passion of Bob’s that remains close to his heart. With a recent admittance to hospice, Azura Memory Care and […]
Tacos and Family: Azura MOSAIC Dream - From the simple to the extraordinary, Azura Memory Care works to fulfill the dreams and wishes of its residents through its exclusive MOSAIC Dreams Program. It all starts with the question, “What would your best day be?” and for one Azura of Oak Creek resident, Ray, it was to simply spend time with his loved […]
One more trip to Boston Store: Azura MOSAIC Dream - What would your dream day look like?  An afternoon at the spa? A ride up in a helicopter? Or, perhaps, getting to pet an elephant at the circus? These are just a few of the dreams Azura Memory Care has fulfilled through its exclusive MOSAIC Dreams Program, which works to make our residents’ dreams and […]
Azura MOSAIC Dream Hitting the Golf Green Once Again: Azura MOSAIC Dream - Through our Azura MOSAIC Dreams Program, we are happy to be able to help our residents relive some of their best days and cherished activities. Whether it is enjoying a favorite dessert, swimming laps at the pool, or going up in a helicopter to see the sights down below, we love to be able to […]
Azura MOSAIC Dream Speed Boat Fishing: Azura MOSAIC Dream - Azura’s MOSAIC Dreams Program was excited to make a special fishing excursion come true for one of our residents with the help of Second Wind Dreams and team members from Scheels of Eau Claire.  According to John, a 61 year-old resident at Azura Memory Care, his dream was to go “really fast in a big […]
Azura MOSAIC Dreams Program Splashes of Joy: Azura MOSAIC Dream - A long-time swimmer’s MOSAIC Dream come true!! The Azura MOSAIC Dreams Program was able to help Carole swim again, a past cherished activity she enjoyed on a routine basis, at the Kenosha YMCA for the afternoon. With all of the swimming essentials and her Azura entourage, Carole jumped right back into action once her toes […]
Azura MOSAIC Dream An Equestrian Dream Come True: Azura MOSAIC Dream - An equestrian’s MOSAIC Dream come true! Barbara, a resident at Azura Memory Care of Clinton, had her MOSAIC dream realized this past month at the Three Gaits Therapeutic Horsemanship Center in Stoughton. Last year, Barbara shared with her Azura family that her dream and personalized moment of joy would be to be around horses again. […]
Azura MOSAIC Dream A MOSAIC of Memories: Azura MOSAIC Dream - We have found that many of our MOSAIC Dreams center around either a professional or personal desire.  Recently, Azura’s MOSAIC Dreams Squad was able to help one of our residents, Brenda, recapture a professional goal by getting back in the front seat of a police squad car. Brenda had served on the Racine Police Department […]
Azura MOSAIC Dream Brewer’s Baseball: Azura MOSAIC Dream - For a Milwaukee Brewer’s Superfan, a night at the ballgame was the ultimate MOSAIC dream and moment come true! Suzanne, a resident at Azura Memory Care, has been a Brew Crew fan for a very long time and has never missed a game. In fact, Suzanne and her family attended Brewer’s games when the team […]
Azura MOSAIC Dream Jazz Music Brings Joy: Azura MOSAIC Dream - Earlier this June, a resident of our Azura Memory Care of Oconomowoc home had his special MOSAIC Dream made into a reality!  Jerry’s dream was to have an evening reminiscent of the dancing and fun he had at the Milwaukee Eagles Club in his younger years with his wife.  The Azura MOSAIC Dreams Squad took […]
Azura MOSAIC Dream Bronco’s or Bust: Azura MOSAIC Dream - One of the long held memories of many in our fair state is to root for the green and gold, but for one resident within our family of care his dream was more blue and orange.  You see, our resident Ken is a huge Denver Bronco’s fan and his wish was to have a true […]
Lights, Camera, Smile: Azura MOSAIC Dream - What would your dream day be? At Azura Memory Care we are asking our residents this question everyday to further tap into the person-hood of each individual and find ways to bring them JOY! For one Azura of Eau Claire resident, it was to experience a full day of pampering and to have a glamour […]
Azura of Wausau resident experiences DREAM day at ice-skating show. Ice Show Brings Joy: Azura MOSAIC Dream - What would your best day be? For one Azura Memory Care resident, it was “to go to an ice skating show.” To some, this may have been no surprise because this was something she loved to do with her family long before her diagnosis. Deemed an ice-skating aficionado, she would always tune-in to watch the […]
Azura MOSAIC Dream Bicycle Dream Comes True: Azura MOSAIC Dream - Some of our most favorite memories are those experienced in childhood and for one resident of our Sheboygan home her dream was to go back to a time when she could feel the wind in her hair and pedal under her foot.  This past month the Azura Memory Care Dreams Squad helped make Audrey’s bike […]
An Elephant’s Touch: Azura MOSAIC Dream - Ever wonder what the hide of an elephant feels like? For one resident of Azura this was a question she had asked herself all of her life. In fact, she was so intrigued by the pachyderms that she began collecting trinkets and jewelry and one day wished to be able to touch one. Thanks to […]
Shopping and BBQ: Azura MOSAIC Dream - Azura Memory Care’s MOSAIC Dream Program helps make the wish of a personalized shopping trip and BBQ lunch come true for a resident with dementia. Watch her face light up with excitement and enjoy seeing her special day become a reality. A huge thanks to the Sears Department Store in Janesville and Drea, their personal […]
Show to Remember: Azura MOSAIC Dream - MAMA MIA! MOSAIC Dreams do Come True! “We are nothing without a song or dance,” Mama Mia! The Azura Memory Care MOSAIC Dream squad had the honor of making one resident’s dream to attend a Broadway Show and have a date with her daughters come true! Thanks to the Overture Center of Madison who assisted […]
Back to Class: Azura MOSAIC Dream - For those that have memory loss, curing the disease is not something we can offer at Azura. However, what we can do is help them and their families RECOVER from the stigma that life ends with the diagnosis of dementia. Through our partnership with Second Wind Dreams, we have the ability to make dreams come […]
Graduation Day: Azura MOSAIC Dream - During a training at Azura Memory Care, one resident came in and voiced her wish to graduate from college. In fact, she so valued education that, while she wasn’t able to officially graduate, she had made certain that all eight of her grandchildren did with no debt! Hearing this the Azura MOSAIC Dreams program worked […]
Fair to Remember: Azura MOSAIC Dream - Azura Memory Care is committed to helping its residents realize their dreams, despite a diagnosis of dementia. The Azura’s Dreams Program helped this resident return to the Northern Wisconsin State Fair, an event he once helped manage. His wish was to go back to the Fair, eat a corn dog, drink a gallon of beer […]
Round to Remember: Azura MOSAIC Dream - Another Azura Dream come true! What started with a conversation about “a best day” led us to discover one resident’s dream to golf again. Getting him on the links was not just a joy for our Azura Memory Care resident, but to watch him remember his swing was truly EXCEPTIONAL! However, our Dream Squad went […]

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