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Ode to Team Azura

CaregivingOur Team at Azura Memory Care is so thankful to our many friends and family who remembered us this past holiday season. Our days were filled with extra special goodies and thank you notes galore!!

Knowing that we can make the load a little bit lighter and our residents’ days brighter is gift enough. However, one special sentiment stood out this year and we’d like to recognize this special family’s effort by sharing it with all of you.

Each year the Wolf family whose loved one resides in Azura Memory Care of Beloit home, exchange names at Christmas and write a poem in that person’s honor. This year, they chose to honor their Azura family with a special creation, which we are sharing below.  Thank you for this beautiful prose!  They are a true testament to our Team and the EXCEPTIONAL care they provide!!

 Azura’s Gift All Through the Year

The legend of dear old Santa Claus

Has been handed down for years

A bright red suit, a beard of white.

And the eight reindeer he steers.

A sleigh that flies across the sky

With gifts for me and you

All carefully made by Santa’s elves

Oh how this legend grew

As we think of all he represents

There is one thing brought to mind

It’s not the things that we unwrap

It’s that he’s loving…selfless, kind

And when he throws upon his back

His sack that’s packed so tight

The wonderment of all it holds

Is what makes Christmas feel so right.

It’s not the gifts that you receive

Which soon becomes just history

It’s the love in which they’re given

That displays the one true mystery.

Now-a-days at Christmas time

The complaint rings loud and clear,

“Can’t afford these Christmas gifts

This will be a skimpy year.”

It’s why we’re here to tell you all

To take another look

To listen to those retail stores

They do everything by the book.

I’d reach deep in Santa’s Sack

And explore the gifts inside

There are gifts you’re all familiar with

They are gifts you cannot hide

You see you all have given them

Throughout the entire year



They are LAUGHTER on the greyest days

ENCOURAGEMENT when one’s down

And CREATIVITY at its best

Making smiles from a frown.

It’s SERVICE to the needy

When it’s you that needs it most

And today’s the day to thank you

So allow us now to boast

The spirit of Christmas fills these walls

Every moment of every day

You give the gifts from Santa’s Sack

Unaware of the role you play.

You love the ones we love the most

With your skills you take our place

That’s a gift beyond all price tags

It’s your love we all embrace.

So one more time we ask of you,

Reach deep in Santa’s Sack

And find a gift that’s just for you

For we want to give love back.

Thanks to all of the Azura Staff

You make this home feel right

And in the words of Ol’ St. Nick

“Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.”

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  1. Doug McCabe-
    April 29, 2016 at 11:12 pm

    What an awesome, thoughtful thank you. Apparently Azura is much more than a mere home to people in need. God bless you all!

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