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MOSAIC Dream: Tractor Ride

At Azura Memory Care we know that some of our residents’ best days can be relived by tapping into long held memories, which is why one question we ask our residents is what their “best day would be.”  The MOSAIC Dreams squad then uses this and other information to reenact special days or moments that we hope will make their day.2016-09-09-12-02-10b

Paul had farmed or lived on a farm for nearly all of his life, so knowing that he wanted to go back to a farm was no surprise.  However, his greatest desire was to ride a tractor again and see the fields from above.  Thanks to our friends at Edwards Apple Orchard in Winnebago, Illinois we were able to make Paul’s dream come true.

In fact, it was amazing to watch the transformation that occurred when Paul saw the tractor, whose drivers seat was 6 feet off the ground.  Even though Paul walks with a walker and there was a 6 foot stair to climb to get into the cab, nothing slowed him down from getting his dream realized.  Paul was so quick to grab the tractor ladder the MOSAIC Dreams squad had to scramble to assist.

However wh2016-09-09-12-14-22en Paul turned and looked down at his family and Azura entourage his smile said it all, he was home.  The Team from Edward’s Apple Orchard took Paul for a ride around their farm, provided him and the rest of the residents back at Azura with fresh apple cider doughnu
ts and apple cider and wonderful day of memories and smiles.  It was definitely a great day for a tractor ride and some good old farm fun!


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  1. Cathy Monaghan-
    October 19, 2016 at 1:39 pm

    Love this story! Thanks for sharing it! Funny how the walker fell away when Paul became motivated and felt his purpose driving him to the seat…

    Keep up the good work!

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