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MOSAIC Dream: Safari Time

IMG_0802What do you do when a resident’s best day would be to go on Safari?  Well at Azura we find a way to make their MOSAIC Dream come true!

This type of experience was just what Bill Powers a resident of our Azura Memory Care of Oshkosh was dreaming about.  An avid outdoorsman, he dreamed to see wildlife and maybe even have a special encounter.  Knowing that his favorite author is Pater Capstick who wrote, Safari: the Last Adventure and that he always dreamed of going there the Azura’s MOSAIC Dreams Squad set about to make his wildest dream a reality.

Teaming up with the NEW Zoo and Adventure Park in Suamico, Wisconsin the Bill and his Azura friends went on a great adventure, which started with a face-to-face meeting with a giraffe!  Not only did Bill get to go behind the scenes to meet his new tall friend, but he was also able to feed and interact with the animal too.

In appreciation for Bill’s friendship the giraffe provided a one-of-a-kind painting for Bill, which it created using its tail and knees for artistic support!  A truly unique experience and one that Bill is still talking about!  This feat alone is proof of the exceptional outcome our MOSAIC Dreams program offers.

You see Bill normally has difficulty finding words to express himself, but as his Dream unfolded the words seemed to come more easily and his demeanor completely changed to one of confidence and calm.

“This was my first time accompanying a resident on a MOSAIC Dream,” explained Adam White, Executive Director of Azura Memory Care of Oshkosh.  “Watching the transformation of a gentleman that primarily communicates with mumbling, being able to speak clearly and carry on complete sentences was truly remarkable!”

Bill’s is just the start of our MOSAIC Dreams summer season.  If you would like to learn more or are able to help with some of our more difficult Dreams please email info@azuramemory.com.  Currently we are looking for help in locating a helicopter in the Monroe, Wisconsin area that would be able to take a resident for a short ride.  Please let us know if you have any ideas of how to help us make this special Dream come true!

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