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Local Television Station’s Biggest Fan

There are two idols in Azura Memory Care of Oshkosh resident’s, Bill, life. First, John Wayne. Second, Kevin Rompa, news anchor for WBAY TV channel 2 in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Bill states that he has been a fan of WBAY for over 50 years and that it is the only station he watches for the news. His favorite segment is “2 Your Health”, which he faithfully watches every day at 4pm. Bill also always dreamed he would one day be a broadcaster.

Earlier this summer, our Director of Community Relations in Oshkosh, Chelsea Sievert, had the privilege of being interviewed by Kevin Rompa over the noon hour show at WBAY to promote Azura Memory Care’s partnership with the Alzheimer’s Association and the Neuroscience Group  to provide The Memory Loss Education Series held twice monthly at the Neuroscience Group in Neenah.  When Sievert informed Bill of her special interview, he made sure to eat lunch later than usual that day so he wouldn’t miss when she was on the air with Kevin Rompa himself! He watched her proudly and applauded when the brief interview concluded. Bill still talks about this special moment in time, even several weeks after the event itself! To make sure Rompa knew how famous and appreciated he is in the eyes of Bill, he wrote a note of appreciation to Rompa for “always telling the truth about the news and weather”.

Rompa, in response, sent his newly found biggest fan, Bill, a signed copy of a photograph of the morning crew at the station.  Bill was overjoyed by the generous gift! Thanks, Mr. Rompa for supporting what MOSAIC at Azura Memory Care is all about!

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