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Living Our Core Values


What does it mean to be exceptional?

A resident in Sheboygan had been unusually confused; Azura Memory Care of Sheboygan contacted her physician who ordered a blood test which showed a critical lab result.   The next step ordered by her physician was an IV medicine to be administered right away.   When the team explained we were not able to perform this service at Azura Memory Care of Sheboygan, we were directed to take her to the doctor’s office.

We began to problem solve.  Her family isn’t in the area and there is NO WAY she would sit still for an IV drip.  When Jim Verhage, our maintenance man, realized what was going on, he cleaned up the project he was working on and he said he’d go with her.  This particular resident does not respond well to many people, and definitely not well to strangers, but she likes Jim a lot.  Jim accompanied her to the clinic.  While there, he held her hand for three hours, soothing her anxiety, so she would allow the treatment to occur.  She did not try to remove the needle or scoot away even once! She made it through the appointment and came through beautifully.

Jim once again proved he was exceptional by going above and beyond to help our resident recover not only physically, but mentally too. This just shows another reason why Azura Memory Care is a great alternative to other nursing homes in Sheboygan.

We truly do retain the finest! WELL DONE JIM!!!

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