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Core Value Winners – Innovation

Valerie Luettgen, Quality of Life Coordinator – Oak Creek

As a Quality of Life Coordinator at our Azura Memory Care of Oak Creek home, Valerie Luettgen is known for the INNOVATIVE ways she engages our residents and enhances their quality of life. 

From virtual trips to Italy that include a gondola to Hero posters she personally created to boost Team morale, she always has her thinking cap on!  “Valerie tries to make every day special for our residents,” explains her fellow Team Member.

Another states, “she is creative and always coming up with new things to do with the residents.” She is also willing to help in other roles and greets everyone with a smile.

A local hospice nurse shared, “it is apparent she enjoys her job.  The residents definitely benefit from having her in their lives. Her joyfulness is contagious!”

As one Team Member very eloquently stated, “Valerie thank you so much for everything you do and keep having a heart that sparkles gold.” 

We appreciate you and your INNOVATION too!


Betty Lowe, Caregiver – Brookfield

Core Value nominations can be submitted by anyone at Azura, including our residents.  In fact, Betty Lowe, a caregiver at our Azura Memory Care and Assisted Living of Brookfield community has made quite an impact on one such Azura family member.

According to them, “when my belongings finally arrived Betty was one of the caregivers who unpacked and organized my kitchen things, which was very much helpful and appreciated. Betty has always gone out of her way to be thoughtful and helpful and kind.”

Betty helps the resident with their laundry, little things in her unit and extra snacks or items she knows the resident will enjoy.  “Betty is the kind of person who inspires confidence and trust,” shares the resident.

Thank you Betty for being there for this resident and all who resident at Azura. Your INNOVATIVE approach has helped in their transition and ensured they feel like part of the Azura family.


Ally McDermott, HR Recruiter — Milwaukee

Our Azura HR department has been looking to find creative and fun moral boosters that won’t break the bank, and Ally, our Human Resources Recruiter at our Azura Support Center in Milwaukee has been on top of it!

“Ally spent time searching for new ideas and she found some really INNOVATIVE ideas that we will be doing with the team!”

Ally gave team members a cookie with a note that say “no matter how the cookie crumbles, you are the best staff around!” Also, she supplied the team with “I am lucky” cards that showed what they are lucky for, and green goodies like MnMs, lime ice cream, ginger ale, and so much more!

Thank you Ally for helping Azura boost moral with your INNOVATIVE approach!

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