Core Value Winners – EXCEPTIONAL

Charity Hessleman, Caregiver – Monroe

We all know that winter weather can at times pose challenges for our Team, but Charity Hesselman a Caregiver at our Azura Memory Care of Monroe home made sure that our residents were not affected.  Recognizing that an upcoming storm might prevent her from getting to work, she determined that it would be best for her and the residents if she spent the night.

According to her Team, “Charity is very committed to her job and co-workers and our residents. She is EXCEPTIONAL!”  We could not agree more! 

Thank you, Charity for going above and beyond to be there for them and for Azura too!



Trevor Phillippe, Caregiver – Monroe

This past holiday season, Trevor Phillippe a caregiver at our Azura Memory Care of Clinton and now our Azura Memory Care of Monro

e home recognized that a resident needed a smile.  He took it upon himself to get a special Christmas gift and card. It meant so much to the resident that the

y began to smile and show everyone what was received.

“Trevor is EXCEPTIONAL for giving special gift to a resident,” shared a Team Member.  This extra effort is why we are proud to recognize Trevor with an award for being EXCEPTIONAL!

Thank you, Trevor!

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