The Core Value of MOSAIC by Azura

Did you know in the state of Wisconsin in order to be a called a memory care home you only have to offer “client group training?”  No specification to exact topic or length of the training is indicated.  As a result, this training often consists of a quick video on the elderly or a general dementia video.

However, at Azura Memory Care one of our Core Values is RESPECT and in order to provide high quality care for those with dementia it is our belief that you have not only have to RESPECT the person, but their diagnosis.  In addition, that the highest form of RESPECT is to provide extensive education on the disease and on ways to approach, communicate and engage those living with this disease so that they can live joyfully every day.

Like many things in healthcare, MOSAIC is an acronym that stands for Memory Care Professional Offering Support through Advances and Innovation in Care.  The premise behind this expansive title is that every day we have the opportunity to take every part of care that we provide at Azura and weave into a MOSAIC of love and support that allows our residents to live, not just exist.

In essence, MOSAIC is an educational training and engagement program that starts by explaining how the mind works and explores ways to tap into holographic, body, flow and desktop memory to aid those within our family of care to maintain their abilities and independence.  The Team then learns about dementia and the different types of diagnoses that result from this umbrella disease.  They then study how it reacts to the environment, to them and to itself by taking a walk in our residents’ shoes using the Virtual Dementia Tour.

MOSAIC then helps our Team use this information to acquire techniques of approach and communication that aid them in activities of daily living like dining and grooming.  In addition, it provides insight into ways to help alleviate behaviors prior to these expressions of wandering or aggression might start and tutors them on using the MOSAIC Five W’s to investigate why behaviors in residents might be occurring.

It then laces all of this information together with examples of how to successfully engage residents in personalized moments of joy using Azura’s exclusive MOSAIC therapy and intervention tools like our Resident Welcome Plaques, MOSAIC Engagement Resource Guide and more!  By the end of the an Azura Team Members first year they will have received over 90 hours of MOSAIC and other training to ensure we are providing the highest quality of care and treating our guests with the utmost RESPECT!

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  1. Cathy Monaghan-
    September 2, 2016 at 1:48 pm

    Thank you for learning how to step into the world of Deep Forgetfulness…
    I have taken the Virtual Dementia Tour.. And to know that Azura Caregivers are given tools to help them to help my mom is comforting to me.

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