Core Value Award Winners – RECOVER and INNOVATIVE

Each quarter our Azura family recognizes our EXCEPTIONAL Team through the use of our Quarterly Core Value Award Winners. These individuals go above and beyond in the areas of RESPECT, RECOVERY, INNOVATION, RETAIN and being EXCEPTIONAL!

Congratulations to our Core Value Award Winners for RECOVER

Jenica Roenneburg, Quality of Life Coordinator – Monroe

Jenica is the Quality of Life Coordinator for our Azura Memory Care of Monroe home and was nominated by her Team for her ability to help them and our residents RECOVER.

According to her Team, “she is a great helper and teacher for new people that come to Azura.”  Jenica is able to work with our residents to help calm when needed and engage them in personalized smiles throughout the day.

She also shares her many talents with the residents, including taking the time to paint a picture of resident’s grandchild and the residents recently deceased pet.  This enabled the resident to RECOVER during her grief by seeing her dog, but also someone that made her smile too.  Jenica has painted other pictures for our residents, but this one truly was a piece of heartfelt art!  Thank you Jenica!


Tracy Stanelle, Senior Executive Director – Stoughton

For more than a decade Tracy has been leading the care and compassion at our Azura Memory Care of Stoughton home.  She was nominated by numerous Team members within her home and across our Azura family for her willingness to help wherever needed.

Her Team shares, “Tracy is an amazing member of Team. She comes in every day with a smiling face and a positive attitude no matter what the circumstances are.  She spends time with the residents and clearly cares about all of them like they are her own family member.”

According to one nomination, “the Stoughton home would not be the amazing place it is if it wasn’t for Tracy!”  Thank you, Tracy for taking the time to be there for our Team and our resident your role in helping them RECOVER their smiles is apparent!


Congratulations to our Core Value Award Winners INNOVATIVE

Nicole Weber, Executive Director – Eau Claire

Finding ways to inspire and RETAIN our Azura Team is something we are always looking to do.  Nicole the Executive Director of our Azura Memory Care of Eau Claire home found an INNOVATIVE way to do just that.

Over the holidays she created a 12 Days of Christmas themed morale booster for her Team, which they loved. From coffee to candy, she found ways to share her appreciation for all that they do.  One day’s theme was Mint items with the attached note: Thank you for your: Commit-MINT, Invest-MINT, Encourage-MINT, and Involve-MINT!  Here’s a little Enjoy-MINT!

Great job on thinking outside of the box and finding ways to have fun and appreciate our EXCEPTIONAL team!

Nominations for these special honors come from fellow Team Members, residents, family and others.  If you would like to recognize an Azura Team Member, please consider submitting their good works to our Core Value program by clicking here or emailing cvsubmissions@azuramemory.com today!

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