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Caring for your Parent and Preparing for Role Reversal

It’s the conversation no one wants to have: what are your plans for the end of your life? There comes a time when adult children need to step into the caregiving role for their parents – taking on more tasks for them, helping them with chores or checking in more often. Finding the time to […]


Activation Of Your POA – FAQ’s

Let’s say that your mother was diagnosed with dementia, or your father has recently become a widower. You notice their house has started to fall beyond repair, or that driving is becoming difficult.,. And then it hits you. You realize that your parent’s ability to care for themselves is changing as they age. At this stage in life, […]


Sundowning – What Is It And Why Does It Happen?

If you have ever cared for someone with dementia, you might have noticed a change in their behavior that is extremely out of character for them as the sun starts to set. That change is referred to commonly as sundowning. Sundowning is a cluster of symptoms that usually includes agitation, restlessness, irritability, and confusion that occurs in […]


Core Value Award Winners – EXCEPTIONAL

Each quarter our Azura family recognizes our EXCEPTIONAL Team through the use of our Quarterly Core Value Award Winners. These individuals go above and beyond in the areas of RESPECT, RECOVERY, INNOVATION, RETAIN and being EXCEPTIONAL! Congratulations to our Core Value Award Winners for EXCEPTIONAL Tom Miller, Maintenance Technician – Stoughton and Monroe While it […]


Azura True Blue Award Winner – Kathy Beveridge

Each year Azura gives a very special True Blue Award to two care team members and one leadership team member for their dedication to following our Core Values.  These individuals are nominated by their peers and family members with nominations being accepted throughout the year.  This year Kathy Beveridge, Quality of Life Coordinator for our […]


Dementia Can Be Like Groundhog’s Day

When a loved one has dementia it can often feel to them and to their caregiver that they are stuck in the movie Groundhog’s Day.  The same questions are repeated and the same schedule and routine is done from day-to-day, which is especially true during this time of COVID.  However, much like Bill Murray begins […]


Azura Named Best of Senior Living 2021

We are excited to announce that ALL of our Azura Memory Care communities have been named SeniorAdvisor.com Best of Senior Living in 2021 by A Place for Mom, Inc.  This exclusive designation honors only the Top 3% of senior living providers in the United States and Canada and is a direct result of reviews submitted […]


Azura’s Social Media Family

Learn about the EXCEPTIONAL social media channels that Azura uses to keep families and professionals up-to-date and engaged in our #MOSAICMoments! Become a Facebook Fan, Tweet with us and more!


2020 Dementia Symposium Update: We’re Going Virtual!

Due to the continued concerns regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19), and with the health and safety of all in mind, both the Milwaukee and Eau Claire Azura Dementia Symposium events featuring Teepa Snow will now be virtual! Both of the events will be held on an online event application that will provide a one-stop experience that […]


Azura’s Core Value Award Recipients

Five core values guide the decisions we make as Azura Memory Care team members and as a company: Respect, Recover, Innovation, Retain, and Be Exceptional! Each quarter, Azura Memory Care reviews nominations received from our team members, Azura families, and outside providers to recognize our Azura team members for the ways they emulate our respective […]

Assisted Living & Memory Care Reviews

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