Azura’s Nurses are Super Heroes!

At Azura Assisted Living and Memory Care we recognize how blessed we are to have a Team of such EXCEPTIONAL Nurses!

As today is National Nurses Day our Director of Clinical Services, Susan Schuett shared this about our Team, “I just wanted to take a moment to recognize all of the AMAZING NURSE’s that Azura has, during Nurse’s Week which starts today and runs through the 12th. No one becomes a nurse because it’s glamorous or to become wealthy. Nurses become nurses because of what’s in their hearts. 

Nursing school is tough! It takes lots of tears, laughter, screaming, swearing and WINE to get through it. Once we finally accomplish graduation, we realize that the real world is nothing like nursing school and are not fully prepared. But we push through, and we learn as we go, and we become stronger because of it.

Many of us have worked crazy hours through our careers, worked night shifts with little to no sleep, went home with stool, urine, vomit and blood on us. Yet we go back. We’ve held patient’s hands while they’re dying and have been through too many codes to count. Sometimes after coding a teenager for 45 minutes only to fail, we’ve gone home and cried, but we come back. We go back because of what’s in our heart. 

We’re healers, huggers, and compassionate souls. Now our hearts are set on making the final days of those who cannot speak for themselves the best we can. We are their voices for the care they need and what’s best for them. In doing so we are also healers, huggers, and compassionate souls for those families that are lost dealing with the process of Dementia, to try and ease their pain. 

But again, we do it all because of what’s in our heart that led us to be nurses in the first place. So, take a moment and thank your nurse! 

Happy Nurse’s Week Brenda, Linda, Kellyn, Hope, Shawn, Tracy, Christina, Aimee, and Christine!!! Azura and these residents couldn’t do it without you! So let your capes fly free today!”

Thank you Susan for these inspirational words!  Azura Nurses you are our Super Heroes every day and from the bottom of our hearts, we THANK YOU!!!  You are EXCEPTIONAL!

If you know someone who would like to don a cape and join our Azura Nursing Team, please share and have them CLICK HERE to apply today!

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