Azura True Blue Winner – Jennifer Weltzin

Each year Azura gives a very special True Blue Award to two care team members and one leadership team member for their dedication to following our Core Values.  These individuals are nominated by their peers and family members with nominations being accepted throughout the year. 

We are excited to announce that Azura’s True Blue Award for Leadership was awarded to Jennifer Weltzin, for Executive Director of our Azura Memory Care of Beloit community and new Executive Director of our Azura Memory Care of Kenosha community.  According to Jennifer Weltzin’s Team, “This wonderful woman has the most RESPECT for everyone.  She is so compassionate about her job…she is my role model.”

Jennifer Weltzin has been serving as the Executive Director of our Azura Memory Care of Beloit community for the past 2 years and has done an EXCEPTIONAL job with our Team, residents. “She encourages creativity in every way possible…is always trying to make it better,” said her Azura Team.  “She gives advice on ways to help the residents recover physically, mentally, and spiritually.  She is always there when we need her.”

Jennifer has also been there for her fellow homes as well, working the floor, problem solving resident or COVID issues and just being there for them in their time of need.  This past year she has also worked to mentor and offer support at our Azura Memory Care of Kenosha community, to which she will be transferring to lead in 2021.  

As her Team states, “This woman is EXCEPTIONAL in every way!  We appreciate your willingness to help wherever and whenever needed.”

In her new role at Executive Director of our Azura Memory Care of Kenosha homes she is already leading by example and instilling our Core Values in everything she does.  Thank you, Jennifer for living our Core Values of RESPECT, RECOVERY, INNOVATION, RETAIN and BE EXCEPTIONAL it shows in all that you do and with all for whom you give care.  In our eyes, you are truly TRUE BLUE!

If you want to recognize someone for following our Core Values at Azura, please click here to nominate them for a quarterly Core Value Award or our Annual True Blue Award.  Your nomination will be greatly appreciated!

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