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Azura True Blue Award Winner – Kathy Beveridge

Each year Azura gives a very special True Blue Award to two care team members and one leadership team member for their dedication to following our Core Values.  These individuals are nominated by their peers and family members with nominations being accepted throughout the year. 

This year Kathy Beveridge, Quality of Life Coordinator for our Azura Memory Care of Oconomowoc home was selected as a True Blue Award recipient after having received several nominations from her Team and from families.

“Kathy is a goddess when it comes to caring for my Dad and making my Mom feel so comfortable that my Dad is being watched over,” said one family.  “She sends pictures, provides updates and goes out of her way to look for ways to stimulate my Dad during his residency at Azura.”  She shares that Kathy knew her Dad loved to watch the road construction going on outside of his room at Azura and took it upon herself to trim the bushes outside of his window, just so he could see and aid in his RECOVERY. 

According to her Team, “Kathy always goes the extra mile…the connections she builds with the residents and families is truly amazing. Kathy does an EXCEPTIONAL job each and every day she is here.”

Another family shared that “Kathy has been an outstanding lady ever since the first day.” Pre-COVID, Kathy took pictures of him and his wife on multiple occasions, providing them to him and his family and putting them around Azura so that his wife is triggered to smile and remember him.  On their 50th wedding anniversary Kathy set up a special table with their wedding pictures, wedding scrapbook, and champagne flutes so that they could toast together.

He shares that Kathy is very INNOVATIVE in how she decorates the common areas and especially cognizant to celebrate holidays or Packer games.  She also came up with the idea to create a family poster that the Team could review with his wife to try to help her RETAIN the memory of her family for longer.

“It’s very comforting,” said a family. “that Kathy is there to be my Dad’s guardian angel.”

Thank you, Kathy for the EXCEPTIONAL compassion you show to our residents and families. Your efforts speak for themselves and we thank you for ensuring these efforts follow ALL our Core Values. You are definitely TRUE BLUE!!


If you have encountered an Azura Team Member who exemplifies one or all of our Core Values, please click here to nominate them for our annual True Blue Award or Quarterly Core Value Award.  Your recognition would feel EXCEPTIONAL to them!

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