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Azura Core Value Winners – RETAIN

Each quarter our Azura family recognizes our EXCEPTIONAL Team through the use of our Quarterly Core Value Award Winners. These individuals go above and beyond in the areas of RESPECT, RECOVERY, INNOVATION, RETAIN and being EXCEPTIONAL!

Congratulations to our Core Value Award Winners for RETAIN


Tanya Wolfgram, Caregiver – Oshkosh

Tanya has been a part of our Azura Memory Care of Oshkosh family for more than two decades!  We are truly blessed to have her assisting our residents and our Team. 

Recently Tanya assisted a resident and family during their loved one’s passing.  Not only did Tanya ensure their loved one was comfortable, but also assisted each of the family to visit treating them with kindness, compassion and understanding.

According to the family they were, “so thankful they found Azura” and the personalized care their loved one received.  Thank you, Tanya for you continued dedication to our residents and their families!  We have truly RETAINed the finest in you!


Aimee Zingg, Registered Nurse – Stoughton

According to her Azura Memory Care of Stoughton Team, “Aimee is a great nurse!! She is always there to answer questions and address concerns.”

Another Team member writes, “she is always willing to help on us on the floor when needed.”  Aimee is known for her thoroughness and ability to help the Team understand whatever is going on with a resident from a medical standpoint. 

She assists in helping residents RECOVER when they are ill, but also takes time to engage with them on a personal level to also aid in the RECOVERy of their smiles too!  Thank you, Aimee for all that you do!


Lucas Kohne, Accounts Payable and Payroll Specialist – Support Center

“Lucas is the epitome of Azura’s Core Values,” shared one nomination for Lucas, Azura’s Accounts Payable and Payroll Specialist. “Not only does he do the work of what probably 5 other people would do, he is always smiling, kind, caring and helpful.”

Lucas is known for crunching numbers but is also never too busy to lend an ear or hand wherever needed.  Including putting together furniture or holding the hand of a resident in need of a moment of RECOVERy. 

Another nomination explains, “Lucas is always kind on the telephone and takes the time to answer questions. Lucas has a positive attitude and is easy to talk to.”  Thank you, Lucas, for being there for our residents, Team, and our numbers too!


Nominations for these special honors come from fellow Team Members, residents, family and others.  If you would like to recognize an Azura Team Member, please consider submitting their good works to our Core Value program by clicking here or emailing cvsubmissions@azuramemory.com today!

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