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Vicki is True Blue for the many ways she has supported her residents and team for the last 20 years! She has provided so much JOY in her role as Quality of Life Coordinator and is always creating new, INNOVATIVE ways to connect and create a MOSAIC moment for each resident.

A team member shares, “On a particular day, one of our newer residents was anxious and trying to leave the home and was worried about her belongings. Vicki observed this resident escalating and grabbed an empty box and asked the resident if she would like to have the box for all of her stuff. The resident replied yes and was content the rest of the evening and didn’t ponder the thought of leaving again.” What may have seemed like a simple action, created a true moment of RECOVERY for this resident.

When another resident required medical attention, Vicki met this resident’s wife at the door and reassured and comforted her while waiting for the ambulance. Vicki knew how upset she was, so she offered to drive the family member to the hospital in her own vehicle. Once there, Vicki stayed with her until a family member arrived—continuing to give her encouragement and comfort, as well as show concern for this resident. This family member shares, “Vicki repeatedly goes above and beyond for the residents. Azura of Clinton is an excellent home. I am blessed to have my loved one as a resident.”

Thank you Vicki for the RESPECT you show, the RECOVERY you provide to our residents and families and for being overall EXCEPTIONAL! You are True Blue!

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