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Every single day I watch Tanya consistently demonstrate all of our Core Values. She is knowledgeable, efficient, energetic, selfless, kind, compassionate, fair and invested in her role as Household Coordinator. Azura is truly her life and our residents are genuinely her family. She truly embodies what a True Blue Award signifies.

Tanya RESPECTs everyone’s opinions and values. She helps her fellow team members as needed, will arrive early and stay late if need be, and covers for team members when they need the day off. Resident family members will often look to her as a source of information and comfort and she always meets them with a smile and support.

Tanya shows INNOVATION in continuing her personal education and spending countless hours researching different forms of dementia and different ways to reach each individual within our care. When  a resident experiences a new expression, Tanya is the first to research and come up with different solutions to help that resident RECOVER.

Tanya trains all of our new team members on the importance of our Core Values at Azura. She not only trains, but leads by example in her thoughts and actions and in doing so, helps Azura RETAIN the finest team team members.

One Azura Family Member shares, “Tanya has shown much compassion while caring for my wife. She knows how to comfort my wife. When she is having a bad day or a rough time, Tanya is always very respectful of [my wife’s] feelings and what she goes through on any given day. Tanya takes the time to sit down and talk with [her] to uncover what is bothering her or what she may need. There is not a time where Tanya hasn’t been supportive of my wife and I. All the while she not only cares for my wife, but the other residents as well. She does one outstanding job.”

Tanya is an exceptional team member and truly exhibits all of our Core Values. Thank you, Tanya, for being TRUE BLUE, we RETAIN the finest in you!

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