Mary Kaiser, Caregiver – Monroe

Core Value and True Blue nominations can be submitted at any time and by anyone. The following is a special nomination that came from a family to recognize the EXCEPTIONAL care provided by Mary Kaiser, a caregiver at our Azura Memory Care of Monroe home. 

Three years ago, when my mom moved to Azura, Mary Kaiser was there, not just as an employee, but present for all in her care. She became Mom’s “dear friend” and was always introduced that way to anyone who visited her.

Mary is a master at redirecting. Sometimes she would make a suggestion, and my mom would have nothing to do with it. Mary would leave, come back, suggest again, and my mom would happily go along with whatever Mary wanted her to do. My mom was not always easy, but Mary’s patience, calm demeanor, and professionalism won out. My mom would tell me how she just loved her, even after she had just gotten her to do something she wasn’t happy about.

Mary always kept me informed and asked about things from the past to try to figure out what was on Mom’s mind or where an anxiety might be coming from. Together we often figured it out, and the respect and understanding she has for those in her care are obvious.

Mary is devoted to her job and the residents. I once asked her if she lived there because it seemed she was there more than just her shifts, and she was. She was always early and often did extra. During this difficult time of COVID, it gave me some comfort to know that Mary was there with Mom when we couldn’t be.

Mary was there the day Mom entered Azura, and she was the one who was at the door for us when Mom was passing. Having her there as we said goodbye meant the world to me. She is steady, reliable, compassionate, and so much more. We lost Mom on December 30, 2020, but I will never forget the comfort and care Mary provided to both of us over 3 years. Her competence and reassurance got both of us through a lot.” ~ Patrice Casselberry

Thank you, Mary, for all that you do! You are EXCEPTIONAL!


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