Mai See

Mai See Vang, Caregiver at Azura Memory Care of Wausau, “has been a wonderful
addition to the Azura team and always helps out whenever and wherever she is needed. She is
absolutely exceptional!” her nominator stated.
“I had asked Mai See to come in on a Saturday to help with the cooking. She accepted
without hesitation and came in and worked her shift. When I came in on Monday, I found out
that I had not scheduled a Med Passer that same Saturday that I asked Mai See to help out. Turns
out, she cooked, passed meds and helped with resident cares all morning. When I asked her why
she didn’t give me a call and tell me they needed help, she responded, “You already have so
much going on. I was there and knew the team needed my help to be successful.”
Mai See, we have retained the finest in you and cannot thank you enough for your
EXCEPTIONAL care and compassion towards everyone at Azura!!

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