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Laura Volz

From an Azura Family Member, “I visited 8 different facilities…Azura was number 7 in my visits. I had called and talked to Laura on the phone and made an appointment to visit the facility. I arrived and she was expecting me and met me at the front door….We sat around the table in her office and she asked me to discuss and tell her what was going on in my life.

This was the first facility I had visited that I sensed a real interest and concern in my wife and my well being. Then [Laura] said let’s go tour the facility which we did. She took her time and explained things as we went.

I was very impressed that she was greeting the residents as we toured and calling them by name. They were responsive to her and she certainly was not a stranger to them. I was very impressed with the facility and especially the focus on memory care. I sensed a real concern for the well being of all the residents and genuine concern for them by all the staff.

I toured one more facility after that but I was convinced that when I needed to place my wife this was by far my choice of all the places.

When I decided it was time to place [my wife], I filled out the application and called Laura to make an appointment to bring in the application and discuss it with her. We went over the application and she was very helpful with my questions and gave me help with some items I needed help with.

We communicated more than once during that time and February 1 at 11:00 o’clock we proceeded to get [my wife] all set-up in her room. Laura and her staff were there to greet us at the door and make my wife feel at home which I greatly appreciated as she had not been to Azura before that day.

This was a very humbling experience for me and the most difficult decision I had to make in my lifetime. My wife and I have been married 58+ years and it was not easy to place her away from home.

Laura was absolutely the deciding factor in my choosing Azura. She gave me complete confidence that even though this was a difficult decision on my part, it was in my and [my wife’s] best interests and assured me she would be well taken care of.”

Thank you Laura for all of the exceptional support you provide to not only our residents, but our resident’s families. We RETAIN the finest in you!

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