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Jami Nowak

From an Azura Team Member: “It is hard to even put into words how amazing Jami is. The endless hours and personal sacrifice she puts into her home is truly amazing and selfless. Jami shows many, many core values in all of the 5 core values we serve on a daily basis. Anywhere from getting down on the floor to comfort a resident, or offering to work for a team member so they can have the day off when they need it shows RESPECT to our residents and team members.

Jami always makes herself available to the team, comforting them and showing thoughts of appreciation to all when she notices sadness and somberness when they experience the loss of a resident. She has ordered flowers and spent time with the team to make sure they knew she was there for them in these moments to help aid in their RECOVERY.

Jami shows INNOVATION in researching new ways to help a resident and works with the team to implement new engagement ideas and strategies to create personalized moments of joy.

If you are looking for a team player, you wouldn’t find anyone more deserving then Jami. Jami has traveled to other Azura homes to help train and support other Azura team members. She then continues to support them via phone or email if they have questions. Jami is a MOSAIC champion and makes sure our team and outside organizations that visit our home know of our philosophy and use this approach when engaging with our residents. Jami never says no to offering a helping hand which shows Azura RETAINS the finest in her.

She has taken the time and built strong relationships with all of our families and they trust her with any suggestions or advice she gives regarding their loved one. One of the main things you can say about Jami is that she truly is selfless and put the residents and team first and loves them all as her own. Jami makes sure to take a moment throughout the day to stop and say ‘I love you’ to each resident. The endless time she puts into the home and endless research she does to ensure the residents are always feeling happy, safe, and loved is something that brings tears to my eye just thinking about.”

Jami is truly TRUE BLUE in her thoughts, actions, and the compassion she shows to our residents and her team. Thank you for being EXCEPTIONAL in all that you do!

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