Brandi Mason, Quality of Life Coordinator at Azura Memory Care of Oshkosh, always
“brings positive energy to the shift she is working and is extremely RESPECTful of everyone
she encounters.”
Brandi is extremely easy to work with, and helps out wherever she is needed in the home.
As a Quality of Life Coordinator, Brandi has many of her own responsibilities, but is always
willing to jump in. Her nominator stated, “We had a great weekend. Stressful, but great. Brandi
and I laughed and joked, and got all of our work done. I haven’t had that much “fun” at work in a
very long time. She fell into the 2nd shift routine flawlessly.”
Thank you, Brandi, for not only excelling in your position, but being a selfless leader on
the floor as well. You show everyone RESPECT and we are confident we have retained the finest
in you!!

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