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Announcing Azura’s New President – Jill Kreider

At Azura we always strive to follow our Core Value of hiring and RETAINing the finest, which is why we could not be more thrilled to announce the promotion of our own Jill Kreider, Vice President of Operations to the role of President of Azura Living.

Jill has been with Azura for over a decade and was the second person hired when Azura was first started.  She has tirelessly worked for the good of Azura and has been at the forefront of implementing strategies to help the company move forward.

“Jill has been recognized time and time again for her remarkable performance, dedication and compassion,” explains Josh McClellan, CEO and Founder of Azura Living.  “As we look to the future, I am confident that Jill is the right person to lead Azura in transforming the culture of care.” 

Over the year’s Jill has been honored with many of Azura’s quarterly Core Value Awards.  In addition, in 2017 she received Azura’s coveted True Blue Award for being continuously respectful of all team members, residents and her peers, while listening to each person and addressing their concerns.

“Jill steps into any position she needs to in order to support her team.  She works to be INNOVATIVE and thinks of ways to make the homes run smoother, ways to make resident experiences better and ways to make her team members, as well as her peers, thrive in their positions,” states the nominator.  “She is positive, a great leader, and is someone who step into ANY situation with a smile and a mindset that all can be fixed, conquered and improved.”

Jill’s career with Azura started in accounting, where she was promoted to Corporate Controller and quickly rose in the ranks from there.

“While I love numbers,” said Jill.  “My best days are the ones I get to spend in our homes socializing with our residents and helping them to achieve personalized moments of joy! Seeing their smile, makes my day every time!”

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