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Community Presentations

Presentations for Caregivers, Professionals and the Community

Are you looking for a speaker for your next community program or employee in-service? Azura Assisted Living and Memory Care would be honored to assist you in educating, engaging and invigorating your audience by providing a presentation for your group or organization. Contact Paula Gibson, Regional Director of Communications and Engagement for Azura Assisted Living and Memory Care at 715-491-0880 or via e-mail at info@azuraliving.com to schedule your presentation today!

Sample Presentation Topics:

 Normal Aging

Everyone misplaces their keys, so is it truly a sign of memory loss or just getting older? Learn the difference and tricks to enhance your memory too!

Brain Healthy Eating

You are what you eat and what you eat affects your brain’s health. Discover delicious delicacies that will enhance your noodle and make you feel good, too!

 Secrets to Boost Your Noodle

Find fun and friendly ways to exercise the most important muscle in your body…your brain. No sweat involved, only a little bending of the mind.

Dementia Specific Environments

Learn ways to enhance safety, while increasing quality of life for people with dementia in their daily living environments.

Healthy Body, Healthy Brain

Learn ways to increase the health of your body and brain through spiritual, physical, emotional and mental supports.

Capturing Life’s Stories

Leaving the legacy of one’s life’s story is a valuable asset at any age. Discover how a few photos can evoke memories and magical moments.

Living a Life of Positivity 

Find ways to encourage positivity in your life, increasing your energy, mood and longevity.

Brain Basics and Dementia Specifics

Gain a better understanding of the ABC’s of Dementia. What is it? Why does it happen and to whom? Can it be prevented? A great opportunity to ask questions and learn about a disease that affects more and more people every day.

Other topics include:

  • What is Dementia?
  • A Day in the Life of Memory Loss
  • Dementia Tricks and Triggers
  • Life Balance
  • Respite Made Easy
  • Alzheimer’s for First Responders

Don’t see a topic that you would like to have covered?  We are happy to research and develop a presentation to meet your needs.  Contact Paula Gibson today at 715-491-0880 or by email at info@azuraliving.com for details!

“I have attended Azura’s presentation in both a personal and professional capacity and they are top notch!  Their presentations always have the right mix of education, compassion and fun!  I always learn something and go away feeling empowered.” ~ Lori N.

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