A MOSAIC of Engaged Joy

Every day our EXCEPTIONAL Azura Team strives to create a MOSAIC of personalized engagements for our residents.  This process starts even prior to admission, when we ask the resident and their families to complete our exclusive MOSAIC by Azura Quality of Life Profile.

This 100 question form, enables us to truly know each resident down to how they take their coffee and what their favorite music is.  Using this information we begin to engage with them about ways to make their life at Azura as vibrant as possible.

If we find out that a resident loves to fish we will find ways to help them go fishing, listen to how the big one got away or learn to make lures with them.  When a resident with a green thumb wants to dig in the dirt we have many ways for them to help us with our Horticultural Therapy program from tending to our internal plants, flower beds or central community garden we will assist to grow!

MOSAIC Engagement Clubs for our Azura Assisted Living Family

  • Movers and Groovers – daily resident exercise club to help maintain independence and mobility in our on-site Therapy Gym
  • Songbirds – our internal resident choir
  • MOSAIC Creations – creative arts groups for painters and sculptors alike
  • Harley’s Hero – our resident motorcycle aficionado’s that gather for coffee, conversation and an outing to the Harley Museum
  • Green Thumbs – gardening group that digs into make our gardens grow
  • Give Back Group – volunteer club that engages residents to stay active in the community and give back by making blankets, dog treats, collecting supplies, etc. for local charities
  • Garden to Fork Fun – cooking group that uses produce from our Azura gardens and our on-site local food stand to create snacks and meals for all to enjoy
  • Silver Screeners – weekly movie club that reviews and discusses a reel in our on-site Movie Theater

For those living in our Azura Memory Care home we recognize that additional supports may be needed to help our residents engage in MOSAIC Moments of joy.  This is why all of our Azura Team members are required to spend time conversing, dancing, playing games and engaging our resident to smile, laugh and live life to the fullest!

Here are few of the different MOSAIC Therapy program we have developed for our Azura Memory Care family:

MOSAIC Reminiscence Therapy

MOSAIC Creative Therapy

MOSAIC Active Therapy

MOSAIC Cognitive Therapy

MOSAIC Music Therapy

MOSAIC Chore Therapy

MOSAIC Sensory Therapy

Whatever likes or joys our residents have our goal it to ensure they are part of the vibrancy of their life and continue to bring them smiles daily at Azura!

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