2021 Family and Resident Reviews

Azura Memory Care of Beloit

“The work being done at Azura is so important and appreciated by my family and myself. The staff are so wonderful and I can see the love and care that they bring to my mother and all of the residents. My worried about my mothers care are diminished because of the staff and their tender care.” – Fred W.

“It was a difficult decision to place our Dad with dementia in a home. They have several excellent care takers who are in tune with the residents but also the needs of the family as they navigate this difficult journey.” – Michele W. 

“We chose Azura Memory Care because we know someone who has a loved one here and has had a good experience.” – Anonymous

“We have peace of mind knowing that our parents are in a safe, kind environment at Azura Memory Care of Beloit and I would recommend them to others families that are looking.” – Anonymous

Azura Assisted Living and Memory Care of Brookfield

“Very happy with the care. I always have help. The food is delicious. The activities are great.” – Paul K.

“Great communication and friendly staff!” – Kristi D.

“It was a nice community.” – Anonymous

“They do offer a lot of activities, and we do know our parents are active in them. We would recommend this community they have been great during this whole pandemic.” – Anonymous

Azura Memory Care of Clinton

“I am a hospice worker and have worked alongside staff at Azura of Clinton for many years and have been able to communicate and complete things seamlessly. They make my job much easier by being fully informed on a patient’s condition or state, which helps us be able to better assist. They have a great thing going for them at Azura – keep up the great work!” – Aubrey S.

“Aunt lives in this home she loves it. When we visit her she is eager to show us what she has planned for the day. Her favorite activity is visiting the salon that it’s in the name. She is happy thanks to the community that helps with her care.” – Yvette V.

“I toured Azura a couple of months ago. First impression way that it was very clean. The caregivers seemed to be interacting in a very friendly way w/ the residents. It was lunch time and the residents seemed to be engaging with the caregivers. The caregivers were welcoming and warm.” – Maggie S.

“I am so appreciative to have a place to put Mom that I can rest easy at night knowing she is well taken care of. The caregivers and staff are wonderful at their job and never make you feel like a burden for asking questions or needing help. Thank you Azura!!” – Heidi M.

“We’ve had a very good experience. The staff is amazing. They’re very nice. And I feel like my loved one is getting very good care here.” – Tammy L.

“I love the homey feel that Azura has. They mentioned that to us many times on the tour and it has been one thing that has stuck out to us compared to other facilities we have toured.” – Arlene H.

 I have had a very positive experience with Azura Memory Care of Clinton. My dad is happy and I would recommend to anyone looking for memory care.” – Peter S.

Azura Memory Care of Eau Claire

“Love it, this was our 3rd memory care and you are the best.” – Anonymous

“The number one priority in my life is to have the best care for my wife [name removed]. I feel she is getting top-notch care at Azura Memory Care. She is the love of my life and I have always wanted the best for her. I would recommend this facility to anyone who needs the excellent care she is getting for Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.” – Glenn B.

“Staff are well trained. Dad is thriving on their good care, kindness, compassion, and good humor. Azura has done a commendable job of keeping residents safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.” – Anonymous

“Azura has been the best place where I would put my loved one. The team is awesome, very loving and caring.” – Bunny C.

Azura Assisted Living and Memory Care of Fox Point 

“Azura Fox Point is a new building that is kept very clean and well-maintained. The rooms have larger windows and a beautiful patio area. There are activities planned everyday for the residents which are interesting and stimulating for them. The people that work at Azura are friendly and helpful to visitors and residents.” – Anonymous

“Truly different than anything we looked at. Mom is doing great, was a hard decision but we are happy.” – Anonymous

“Wonderful, small homelike environment.” – Anonymous 

“Our family truly appreciates the at home feel of Azura. Constant opportunity for social and physical activities helps our loved remain connected through the decline of ”later life” The staff is very caring and very friendly. We chose the right place!!” – Sue M.

“Azura is an amazing community that truly makes one feel at home. They are many great amenities and opportunities for my grandma to thrive there. The staff is so supportive and kind. They are always there to help and I know that my grandma is in good hands at all times. Her days are full of eating great meals, participating in fun activities, and cultivating new friendships with the other residents. I’d highly recommend this community for your loved ones.” – Isabella N.

“From the CEO down to cleaning staff, all have one objective. Make sure the resident comes first! The staff is always very helpful. I am always kept inform of my wife’s condition and the activities she has participated in. They show kindness and love each day. I have made family members aware that this is the place I wish to be when the time comes I need assistance.” – Thomas M.

“Our mom’s life has changed dramatically in the past 6 months. She lost her husband, moved to a new state, sold her home and is no longer driving. Azura has been the bright spot. She is and feels safe, comfortable and well cared for. The staff is very kind, patient and cheerful. The food is good and plentiful. We are very satisfied with the care and treatment she receives.” – Kathryn C.

“I think the staff and management has done so well during the pandemic. They activities are great and everyone is so wonderful and nice to work with. If I could add one piece of constructive advice, probably just like most places, more care giving staff is needed for such a large community.” – Kathy L.

“Amazing place with amazing staff. I’m so impressed there is 7 days per week of activities and she’s always engaged and loved by all.” – Anonymous

“The President and staff are amazing in their outreach and communication with the community – proactive in making connections. Members of my church have appreciated the programs they have offered which has also given them the opportunity to experience the beautiful environment and let others know who may anticipate the need for a loved one.” – Julie S.

Azura Memory Care of Kenosha

“They treat my mom like their grandma and are so patient with the residents. The house is very welcoming and cozy and the staff is attentive. It all comes down to the ED being determined to make a difference.” – Mary K.

“These people, the staff, are outstanding! Best in Kenosha maybe Wisconsin.” – Pam H.

“Working in this industry is definitely a team effort and every time I come in the home to put on a show, every single resident is up and about doing something. The communication between directors is easy and I can see that families are also very happy with that.” – Johnathon M.

“Leadership is great! I never have to ask what is going on with my husband, I’m just told. Thank you!” – Joan V.

“Mom is always doing something fun!! She seems very engaged in activities and loves to mingle with the friends she’s made.” – Liz L.

“My husband spent 4 months at this facility during the end of his life. His health issues were a bit more than a memory care facilities can handle, but Azura took him with no questions asked. Hospice helped a great deal in covering the gap.” – Anonymous

Azura Memory Care of Manitowoc

“Great caring staff at a time of need.” – Anonymous

“I was very impressed with Azura during my brief visit. The home was very clean and the residents looked happy and active playing board games and conversing with each other. The staff seemed friendly and caring as well.” – Jackson W. 

“Moving my mother here has been the best decision my has made. Staff is very communicative over care.” – Joan C.

“This is a small community which provides the opportunity for each caregiver to really get to know the residents and interact with them according to each resident’s interests. The caregivers truly care about each resident and provide exceptional care!!” – Julie P.

“I was looking for a place for my mom and we toured on Thursday. The director explained in detail everything they provided and sat down with us to explain the process which helped a lot. The director also offered to have me call her if I have any other questions.” – Jean G. 

“Truly a great place. Care services unlike any other. The best caregivers.” – Jason R. 

“I am thankful for the good care they provide to my wife.” – John T. 

“Family based, great staff. E.D. always on top of making sure things are done for the best of the residents.” – Tara K. 

“I recently toured Manitowoc for my mother in law. The caring touch they created in their environment really caught my attention. The staff members were interacting with the resident and making sure their needs were met.” – Diane H.

“At 96 years old, my mom needs the mental, medical, and physical expertise that the friendly atmosphere at Azura Memory Care of Manitowoc provides for her. Did I mention the food! My mom loves the food at Azura! The management and staff provide and determine the most courteous, prompt and effective means of dealing with my mom, who can be difficult at times. Knowing that mom is being taken care of, and that her needs are dealt with in a timely fashion is of utmost importance. Especially, when except for one sibling, the remaining four live out-of-state, with no “in-person visits, to see /hear/hug and be there for mom. Also, mom can visit with her co-patients at Azura to swipe stories and thoughts about the “good old days.” Mostly, Azura is very willingly to work with my family on any of my mom’s issues and that gives me peace of mind.” – Pam G.

Azura Memory Care of Monroe 

“The team has been so loving and caring to my mom. I knew some days are hard for they always do an amazing job, not just for my mom for all the patients. {names removed} have been so helpful in keeping me updated with everything. I am grateful for Azura Monroe.” – Barbara K.

“The team is amazing to work with. You can see they really care about their residents. They take a lot of pride in what they do. Nice people, clean houses, great place.” – Becky P.

“My dad was in a facility before coming to Azura. We noticed that he did not have the drive to do anything anymore which was extremely concerning to us. We ultimately decided to move him to a different home, and felt like Azura checked all of the boxes. The director made our move in process flawless, and for the last 9 months dad has been at Azura, he has done a 360 in his willingness to participate and finally has some life back in him. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” – Melinda J.

“Really helped my dad get back to himself. Very friendly staff and all are so helpful and caring.” – Anonymous

Azura was the best possible miracle that could happen to me and my husband as I struggled to find the right place to care for him when I no longer could. Parkinson patents are extremely challenging and with symptoms that can change from day to day. The staff at Azura in Monroe were amazing, caring and attentive. They listened, they were flexible. They carried through and treated us like family. I highly recommend Azura. If every location is like Monroe’s Team, Azura is headed for greatness and success.” – Barbara G. 

“Staff are caring and very responsive to the residents individual needs. They know details of the residents life and can re-orient the residents with ease. It is very reassuring to family to know their loved one is well cared for. Staff make families aware of resident needs and are welcoming when family visit their loved one.” – Anonymous

“Mom was very well taken care of the entire time she was there. Everyone always made her smile.” – Debra K.

“One particular person from the administrative staff has been available and able to make things happen for me, which I greatly appreciate. The direct service staff, the people who actually care for my loved one hands-on, have been on the phone continuously with me. I like the fact that it’s a small ratio of staff to residents. I also like that the administration has allowed it to be a family environment. For example, one of the caregivers was allowed to bring her dog when she came to work. And that dog was fantastic with all the residents – well-behaved, well-trained. You didn’t have to worry about that dog. But for those residents at that age, trapped in the building due to Covid, that dog was a welcome addition. The staff there was very personable. They made sure that every member was accommodated. If their favorite was root beer, they always made sure root beer was there. Just those little things that went above and beyond what you usually see at an assisted living.” – Charles L.

“The staff is very friendly and nice and they do a good job taking care of our loved one. The food is good and my loved one has gained weight since being here. I would recommend this community to others based on my experience.” – Anonymous

Azura Memory Care of Oak Creek

“The staff at Azura is in my opinion, phenomenal. Everyone is kind and caring and have a smile on their face. They are willing to help when asked or needed. Communication is key. We continue to keep the lines of communication open. They are very receptive and will make necessary changes for your loved one’s care. I would like to see a little more proactive care on their part and communication between staff. We found you DON’T NEED ALL the “Bells and whistles” in a facility. You need a great leader and compassionate staff.” – Tracy T.

“To All of the Azura Staff in Oak Creek, I wanted to write to you to express how extremely grateful I am to all of you for the wonderful care and concern you showed my mom over the past 2 years. Each of you had a positive impact on my mom’s life in your own special way whether it was preparing her delicious meals, cleaning her room, doing her laundry, providing personal cares, cutting her hair or doing her nails, ensuring she received her medications, organizing activities or simply just talking to her, holding her hand or laughing with her. The work that all of you do is so very important and too often you do not receive the recognition and appreciation that you deserve. My mom told me often how well everyone took care of her and how appreciative she was of that care. I cannot begin to fully express the gratitude and appreciation that I personally have for everything that you do for my mom and all the residents. Take care, Rob.” – Rob M.

“We chose Azura Memory Care of Oak Creek because it came recommended to us. They are very caring here and all of the staff members seem to be very experienced in what they do. It is a much different and better experience than the place that he was at previously. I would highly recommend to others looking.” – Jerry A.

“It was hard to judge due to Covid, but based on phone callas and zoom calls, we were thrilled with Azura. Our loved one was at a point where he couldn’t understand the video calls, and the staff did a fantastic job trying to keep him focused on the laptop and engaged in talking to us. They were very friendly, very nice, and followed up with us after our loved one passed away. Overall, I’d highly recommend them. They were fantastic the way things went. They’re a little higher priced, but we were very happy with them. They provided great individualized care. If something were to happen with other loved ones in the future, I would want them to be cared for here.” – SG

“I would highly recommend this community. The staff have been working with my loved one with their emotions. The community will bring in outside help when needed. It is individualized care. The staff is kind with my loved one and explaining what is happening with my loved one to me.” – M B H

“I have been thoroughly impressed, grateful and satisfied with the skillful, professional and compassionate care provided to our mom before and now during her new life there. The staff have been so helpful and kind during the initial transition and continue to keep us included and updated on her care and ways to keep the quality of life as high as possible. Thank you Azura team!” – Colleen O.

Azura Memory Care of Oconomowoc

“We really enjoy all of the staff that Azura in Oconomowoc has right on site. The nurse is wonderful and always helping out or answering questions. The new executive director has been a great addition. The chef is great and my mom really loves the food.” – Helen L.

“My sister has early onset dementia and had a hard time with the fact that she would be in a memory care facility with people who were 20 years older than her. However, she has adjusted very well and is still able to do the “young” activities that she loves. She is always doing something and that brings me peace knowing that she is comfortable and happy where she is despite her circumstance.” – Shelli M.

“The staff is great and will answer all of my questions. The concierge is very kind and enforces their protocols with COVID which makes my family feel safer knowing that they are doing what they can to prevent COVID while still allowing families to come in.” – Ed B.

“Azura memory care in Oconomowoc has many staff members that are very good at what they do and work hard to make sure residents needs are met.” – Jack K.

“My mother-in-law has been at the memory care center for 4 years. She is 94 and gets excellent care staff who know and love her. Anytime I have a question or concern it is addressed immediately.” – Sharon P.

“All in all, we’ve been really happy with them. We were very stressed about finding care for our loved one, and they really eased our minds. The transition was difficult for everyone, and they’ve made the process easier. They’ve really worked with our loved one who has been declining rapidly to feel as comfortable as possible. I would definitely recommend Azura to other friends and family.” – Heidi J.

“We have not been able to see the inside of the community, but we have seen our loved one and she is always clean. Our loved one is very happy and we would recommend it to others.” – Anonymous

Azura Memory Care of Oshkosh

“Caregivers give great care. Lucky to have found Azura Oshkosh.” – Anonymous

“Our journey started when my drove our pick up truck into the woods and totaled the truck. Little things started here and there where he would forget things, become confused and frustrated but we did not think it would result into us finding Azura. I don’t live far from Azura in Oshkosh and my family and I were at a loss on how to help my dad, where to start or even where to go. When I found Azura, the Director walked me through step by step and made me feel understood. The director came out to our home as a “family friend” to see our Silo my dad built from scratch. The director spent 3 hours with him looking at the chickens, silo, and new kittens. The director sat with him and just talked to him to gain his trust. From that day Azura became our family.” – Joe F.

“Azura of Oshkosh is truly a beautiful home – we’re just not ready to move my mother in yet. Great team though!” – Shelly B.

“In April of 2021 it became clear that our husband and father needed more care than we could give him. Azura memory was recommended to us and for this we are so thankful. Our visits have been for the most part positive. We have met other residents and this is also positive. The residents are treated with respect and given individual care as needed. This is a comfort to me as I had past experiences where this was not the case.” – Mary F.

“My mother lived here for a few years and recently passed away. The team at Azura Oshkosh were exceptional. We struggled through covid policies all around but Azura guided us through the tough times and always communicated. They brought in a new director around September of last year and she was amazing. If you are looking for a place for your loved one, Azura makes you feel apart of their family.” – Sue R.

“I had a tour with Azura in the first week of December for my father. They were the only home around that I felt a homelike environment. My father was experiencing a tough time at another facility he is currently at and Azura was the only place I could get to assess because of his behaviors.. They assisted and guided me through the process. I almost felt like I had no other option but Azura made me feel some relief. He will be moving in before the end of the month.” – Anonymous 

“Great LITTLE facility. I emphasis little because it is not a huge building with numerous wings or floors which allows the residents of the facility (who have Alzheimer’s/dementia) to feel as if it is a home and not a “facility”. The house has two sides that mirror each other which is great because it makes it easier for the residents to find things (bathroom, laundry, living area). Staff is able to spend quality one one one time with the residents since the facility is small- allowing residents and staff to become “family”.” – Heather B.

Azura Memory Care of Sheboygan

“The staff is wonderful. They’re always there to help me when I need help.” – Emilee A.

“I love this place. My loved one, has adjusted well. The community is clean, food is great and the staff is wonderful.” – Susan A. 

“My wife is treated with care and compassion.” – John A.

“From what I hear this place takes care of my grand well. I love the home feel of the place, the family eating, and the friendly staff. Everyone has been great to my grandma too during this time.” – Anonymous

 He is cared for well. He is felt loved and his personal cares are met. Staff is friendly and attentive to needs of residents.” – Anonymous

“I am always very impressed with the team at Sheboygan. The caregivers do a great job with the residents and I get great stories when I visit for therapy.” – Caitlin K.

“I am impressed by the family atmosphere that Azura represents. The staff work as a team and everyone pitches in where and when needed.” – Christine H.

Azura Memory Care of Stoughton

“My experience working with the people at Azura has been very good. The director and staff are very caring.” – Ethel B. 

“Since my brother was admitted to the Azura facility in June I have visited 5 times and always found the staff to be very helpful and clearly concerned for his welfare. My brother and the staff have bonded. I’m thankful for their care.” – Thomas R.

“From our first interaction, it was evident that the staff at Azura truly care. They don’t act in any way like this is just a “job”. They have a personal devotion to ensure every resident receives the absolute best care they can give. It takes special people to do this kind of work, and these folks are special. We have absolute confidence and peace that mom is in great hands. Every detail we could think of was taken care of, which seems almost impossible because there’s usually some need that can’t be accommodated. Not so in our case, which we were most pleasantly surprised and delighted to know. Great, great place.” – Steven L. 

“I would highly recommend this facility! I have never visited my mother and saw someone working there that was acting like they didn’t want to be there. The staff is caring and understanding of the struggles that are caused by Alzheimer’s. I have a very busy life and don’t visit as often as I’d like, but have all the confidence in the world that they are taking care of my mother to the best of their ability! I’m always informed of doctor visits and her overall well-being! Thank you for all you do!” – Scott E.

“The care of all of the staff is by far the best that I could have ask for my wife. She is very well cared for, and her every need is met. I could not have a better place for my wife to stay and be taken care of.” – Bill C.

“Azura is a whole new life for my mom and I consider them an extension of my family. The staff is concerned about small but important details such as: adjusting to a new environment, assisting with moving in, helping complete needed paperwork, attending to the tiniest details such as the proper position of her bed in the bedroom so she will not be too warm next to a heater, providing personal attention such as painting mom‘s nails, joining in conversation with the residents about daily events, asking residents which songs they would like to sing after an exercise class, providing a motion detector and checking in on mom after she uses the restroom to be sure she is safe and overall being wonderful and caring human beings! Love Azura!” – Sue L.

“The executive director is WONDERFUL! She answered all of my questions and always lets me know what is going on with my mom. I am confident in the care she receives and cannot talk highly enough about Azura!!” – Anonymous

Azura Memory Care of Wausau

“We really struggled when it came time to talk about putting dad in a nursing home, but we could not have chosen a better place than Azura in Wausau. They have the most caring team that goes above and beyond every day and despite the nationwide shortage of caregivers, still have managed to find some of the best in the business. I am forever so grateful that we found Azura in Wausau.” – Marie C.

“Azura has the most amazing QOL at the Wausau home. She is exceptional in all she does with the residents. The only thing that makes me sad is she is often asked to help do cares for the residents because of staffing issues and is unable to do her job as QOL. I can always see the difference in my loved one when the QOL has spent time working with them. They are happy and content and show less issues of sadness or anxiousness. Azura also has 4 other standout employees. Two of the med techs show such love and care not only to my loved one but to all the residents. Their quick thinking and actions can divert a meltdown in minutes. Two are am caregivers. They are amazing with all the residents especially my loved one. They make sure everyone is looking their best at any given time. Doing their hair and nails, making sure if their clothes get soiled putting them into a clean outfit. I wish everyone could meet these amazing employees or have the pleasure of them caring for their loved one.” – Anonymous

“There are only 19 residents in this facility which my family loves. Our mother is able to really have friends and participate in activities, gossip and socialize with them. It’s like a home to her which puts all of us at ease knowing that she is happy and comfortable.” – Nicole J.

“Two-and-a-half years ago, we chose Azura Wausau for our family member based on its homey feeling and its reputation as a specialist in memory care. Since that time, Azura has more than earned the trust we placed in them. The staff are very well trained in dealing with memory care issues, and recognize that dementia manifests itself in many forms. We have seen the dedicated caregivers use their knowledge to determine what each individual resident needs, and care for them accordingly. In addition to being knowledgeable, the devoted staff are unfailingly kind, compassionate, and patient. And they have gone the extra mile during the pandemic, showing the residents extra love and affection, even when family members could not be physically present. We have been so glad we chose Azura Wausau!” – Elizabeth

“Three years ago I was looking for a place for my wife. I visited 7 or 8 places and put our name on the waiting list at 3 of them. When an opening cam up at Azura I was very happy because I felt it was the best one of the 3. After having qualifying meeting with the administration from there our daughter and I were very impressed. That was 3 years ago and we have never been unhappy.” – William P.

“I am so grateful to all the staff at Azura-Wausau. My daughter has lived here for 2 1/2 years. They treat my daughter and all residents with caring, respect & love. My daughter is very happy & safe at Azura. She loves all the caring staff & is loved in return. The Wausau Azura Staff truly are my daughter’s Angels. Thank You Azura :).” – Sheila G.

“The community was very dignified and the staff was very compassionate. I would definitely recommend this community to others.” – CJ R.

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