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2020 Dementia Symposium Update: We’re Going Virtual!

Due to the continued concerns regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19), and with the health and safety of all in mind, both the Milwaukee and Eau Claire Azura Dementia Symposium events featuring Teepa Snow will now be virtual!

Both of the events will be held on an online event application that will provide a one-stop experience that will not only highlight Teepa’s exceptional education but will also feature our booth sponsors and offer engagement and networking opportunities for our attendees as well. Please note:  All current attendees and Resource Booths will have their registration information advanced to this new online platform with additional information shared closer to the date of the event.

Those still looking to register may do so here until Tuesday, August 25, 2020.  Registration is $65 per person for a basic registration or $80 per person for an enhanced registration that includes 6.5 hours of Continuing Education Units (CEU’s). The Milwaukee Virtual Dementia Symposium will take place on Tuesday, September 1 from 8:00 am – 4:30 pm and the Eau Claire Virtual Dementia Symposium will be on Wednesday, September 2 from 8:00 am – 4:30 pm.

This educational Symposium is designed to provide knowledge and insight to physicians, counselors, psychologists, nurses, social workers, case managers, nursing home and assisted living administrators, other professionals and family caregivers regarding the following topics, all presented by Teepa Snow!

Why Do They Do That?  Understanding Symptoms and Situations of Dementia Seen in Hospital and Other Care Settings – This session is designed to help care partners and health care providers better understand why people living with dementia may sometimes say or do things that are unexpected and/or challenging.  It focuses on understanding the many changes that occur in the brain during the progression of the disease and how these changes contribute directly to challenges in care.

Changing Resistance to Care to Participation in Care and Pain Management in Dementia – This session will focus on effective strategies for reducing resistance to care and fostering positive interactions for those with dementia in various care situations.  It will also focus on the unique challenges of pain management for those living with dementia and the importance of appropriate pain management in helping to reduce resistance.

How Lifelong Personality Traits and Preferences Impact Dementia Care at Home, Hospital and other Care Settings: This session addresses the ways in which life-long personality traits determine choices, behaviors, and reactions for those living with dementia. By recognizing and using this information, health care providers and care partners can have more control over ‘how things go’ and in getting what they need, while respecting others and helping them as well.

Developing Activities That Have Meaning For Those Living with Dementia: This session will help care partners develop and offer activity programs that are appropriate and effective when residents have various degrees of cognitive impairment. Emphasis will be placed on providing caregivers with the skills needed to determine the residents remaining skills and interests and then selecting activities that would promote interaction and engagement while reducing distress and isolation.

All proceeds from the Azura Memory Care Dementia Symposium will be donated to the Alzheimer’s Association and the Wisconsin Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center. We look forward to hosting this exceptional, virtual event and welcoming all of you to connect, engage and gain insight from international dementia expert, Teepa Snow!

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